Fixtures & Retail Merchandising

Our customers range from retail eyewear to western clothing, outdoor gear to tractors. Such a broad range of needs requires unique solutions for each industry. From retail fixture consultation to design to construction, our goal is to help you better your customer’s experience and, ultimately, to increase your sales.

shoe/bag fixture concept by: M.Levine


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At Rocky Creek, we set up your visual merchandising with the products and sales in mind, creating and adapting fixtures to your unique sales and display needs.Our 15 years of award-winning experience in retail fixtures and merchandising assure that you receive expert advice and assessments. Contact us today to begin your retail fixture consultation.



To draw customers to your merchandise, you need attractive, attention-grabbing retail displays. With proven industry experience, we offer custom designs for a variety of markets.

At Rocky Creek, our emphasis at every phase is on visual merchandising including setups, signups, lighting, and a merchandising planogram. Our staff is made available, so you can communicate with them during every stage of the process.



In our custom wood and metal shops we transform your design into the eye-catching custom retail fixture that enhances the theme of your business. All of our construction and fabrication is done in-house according to your specifications, so we have control over every aspect of production.During construction we avoid the standard
cookie-cutter approach by selecting rare and unique materials that give your business an identity all its own. We also handle projects at any level of production as well as managing from start to finish.