Interior Retail Store Design

Your business has a “look.” We want to give you that look. Not only do we design fixtures for your retail, we also design you business’ interior. While the Rocky Creek team has wide experience in retail, we work with almost everything from homes to megastores. Or we can design and build your business from the ground up.

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Drawing from over 15 years experience, we offer proven industry methods of designing your space to maximize customer experience. Better customer experience leads to higher sales.

Allow us to consult you in your business’ design and merchandising plan. We want to add value to your business and leave both you and your customers satisfied.



In designing your space, we try to bring forward your company’s identity. Our in-house designers work with you to transform vision into reality.

The Rocky Creek team knows that detail is everything, so whether you need custom furniture or a unique, hand-crafted installation, we can design it and build it for you in our wood and metal shops.



Regardless of your design needs, we can build it. All of our construction is done in-house, so our builders have worked side by side with our designers on your project. This ensures clear communication on your project.

At Rocky Creek, we don’t cut cost by using inferior materials. To give your design the authentic feel it needs, we use unique and rare materials as well as building custom furniture and fixtures.

We are prepared to manage a project from the initial steps or to step in at any phase.